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Monday, 26 September 2016

Dusky Grasswren, Red-browed Pardalote and Red-backed Kingfisher

Back in the home environment and the birding continues to be amazing.

If the Centre has Spring, then it has sprung. Birds are nesting everywhere, and with a slightly cooler than average period at the moment, they are active under the cloudy skies.

The weekend activity included a short bike ride where Moses and I found a Red-browed Pardalote frenzy. They were calling non-stop and actively building their "nests" in the side of a dirt mound. The Red-backed Kingfishers were out as well, the one in the photo with the remains of an unfortunate, unknown small reptile.

But by far the most exciting was the Dusky Grasswrens I ran into today. I had tried to find them, and, after searching the spinifex-laden, rocky gullies, finally found some. One in particular was enjoying being a model for the camera.

I hope you enjoy the photos.

Dusky Grasswren

Red-browed Pardalote

Red-backed Kingfisher

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