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Monday, 21 May 2018

Brown Goshawk

Normally a bird of prey will stay away from me if I am camped by a water source. Rarely will they come and have a drink. This female Brown Goshawk was unusual because it flew around the small waterhole, saw me, perched across the other side, flew down then flew off, but returned not long after. And she gave me some lovely photos. How do I know it was a female? Because the male is a lot smaller and he came by about an hour later, but he did do the normal bird of prey behaviour and flew in then flew off.

Brown Goshawk

Gouldian Finches

There are many colourful birds in the world, and one of the most colourful is the Gouldian Finch. 

The Gouldian finch (Erythrura gouldiae), also known as the Lady Gouldian finchGould's finch or the rainbow finch, is a colourful oasserine bird endemic to Australia (Wikipedia).

I love finding them. Who wouldn't. I am yet to see and Orange-headed male or female in the wild, but have come across many Black-head and quite a few Red-headed adults, both male and female.

Their calls are quite different to the other birds they hang out with, so once you know the call, finding them is quite easy. As with most birds, sitting quietly and unobtrusively like under the shade of a tree, will give them confidence you aren't a threat and they can become quite confiding. Below are a few of the many photos I have taken this year in the wild of the Gouldian Finches. I hope you enjoy.

Gouldian Finch