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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Crimson Chats, Crested Pigeon, Zebra Finch and a Bee on a Poached Egg Daisy flower

Recently I sat by a puddle on an outback road. I noticed a Bourke's Parrot that flew off as I walked up to the puddle. I figured it was probably a good place to sit for a while. Alas, the Bourke's Parrot never returned for a drink, although I could hear them calling and feeding nearby.

I did manage to take some nice photos of some Crimson Chats though. They reappeared a number of times, and I eventually put the camera down and just watched them drink and bathe. I haven't seen this behaviour before, so it was interesting just to observe. Many more of these birds flew over me, and didn't stop, but enough did to make the stop worthwhile.

Of course the Zebra Finches were almost ever-present (disappearing briefly when an alarm call rang out from a nearby Singing Honeyeater). And a few Crested Pigeons strolled down the well-covered banks to have a drink as well. Other birds I could see but didn't come for a drink included White-fronted Honeyeaters, Black-faced and Masked Woodswallows, Australasian Pipits, Horsfield's Bronze Cuckoo and a couple of Pallid Cuckoos filling the air with their calls.

All in all, a nice little bird-watching and photography session.

Crimson Chats

Young female

Adult Female

Crested Pigeon

Zebra Finch

One of the other delights of the area were the wildflowers. Below is a single Poached Egg Daisy flower with a bee


  1. How fabulous. We recently saw the Crimson Chat for the first time while visiting N.T. No photos though, just a blury one of the male flying. We did see the gorgeous poached egg wildflowers also - stunning.

    1. Thanks Judith, both the Chats and the Daisies are wonderful to see.

  2. Great captures! These helped us work out what we had in our front yard this morning. (Crimson Chats)

    1. Thanks Aaron, glad to help. Pretty spectacular birds to have in your front yard