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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

A Quick visit to Melbourne and some bird photos

I had to make a quick one week visit to Melbourne and had a few opportunities to get out and see some of the local bird species. I visited some of the local hills and a few of the local parks. Probably the excitement of these limited opportunities was my first visit to One Tree Hill. The day (as were most of the days) was very overcast and cold, and the hills were pretty muddy and damp. Perfect conditions for Superb Lyrebirds. I had only just started walking up one of the paths when I noticed a male Superb Lyrebird foraging on the side of the path, scratching away at the ground and then moving to the next likely food place. While I was standing and watching, an Eastern Whipbird "cracked" further along the path, only to be answered by another very close to me. I managed to get a photo of the one close to me, although not a great photo as it moved off into the scrub a bit and I had foliage in the way as well as not much light, but still happy I had finally managed a recognisable photo of one of these birds, something I hadn't managed in the past. The Lyrebird meanwhile had disappeared, only to reappear a short time later when I was walking back down the path. This time I crouched on the path and observed as the bird walked up towards me. Again the light was poor even though it was out on the path. The closer it came, the harder the camera had to try to focus, so I switched to the M mode and eventually, after a few setting changes, managed some half decent photos, although by now the Lyrebird had jumped up into a tree on some low branches.
At the same location but on top of the hill at the picnic area, a male Scarlet Robin came out and perched very obligingly on rocks, bollards but again the light wasn't fantastic and the misty rain started moving in. On a subsequent visit I managed to get decent photos of the Scarlet Robin.

The other places I visited were Edithvale Wetlands, Jells Park and Valley Reserve. Below are some of the photos from the week:

Black Swan Cygnet

Eastern Whipbird

Grey Fantail

Long-billed Corella

Purple Swamphen

Scarlet Robin

Superb Lyrebird


  1. You captured some great images, Richard! I plan to do some birding trips this year on our annual visit to Melbourne.

    1. Thanks Liz, if you are heading there soon, my sister says the sunflowers on the Geelong Road are stunning.