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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Return of the Black-breasted Buzzard pair from last year

Last year I watched a pair of Black-breasted Buzzards nest, mate and then raise a chick until almost a fledgling. Sadly, the young one (I think) fell out of the nest, possibly during a fairly windy, violent storm, and I'm fairly certain didn't make it.

The pair has returned to the same nest to try again. I'm hoping they are more experienced and have better luck.

Currently they are sitting (I am presuming) on egg(s). The male was doing the majority of the sitting while I was there recently, with the female preening, chasing off Whistling Kites and being harassed by the nearby Brown Goshawk neighbours when she flew a bit close to them mating.

I managed to get a few shots of the pair as per below. Hopefully as the year continues I'll be able to post some shots of a chick or two and then some fledged young.

Black-breasted Buzzard