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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Birding the highways - Alice Springs to Lajamanu

Back on the road for work once more. Leaving an almost freezing Alice Springs (I think it was 4 degrees when I woke up yesterday morning), it was a nice thought to be heading back into warmer weather.

Day 1 was fairly uneventful, stopped in quickly just north of Tennant Creek to check out a newly discovered site then at Newcastle Waters and finally stopped for the night at Dunmarra.

Early start this morning, and stopped for a coffee about 60 kms down the Buchanan Highway where I met a grader driver working for Buchanan Downs. He said since the new dams had been put in there were now lots more finches, including Gouldians. Great to hear.

I had a couple of great birding stops. The Illawarra Creek almost at the western end of the Buchanan Highway as you approach Top Springs once again proved fruitful for finches - 6 types in total - Gouldians, Double-barred, Masked, Long-tailed, Zebra and Crimson Finches were all there. The second place was Camfield River on the Buntine Highway. I had found Purple-crowned Fairy-wrens there before and was delighted to find them again, although the photo opportunities weren't great.

And finally, some Australian Bustards strolling across the road just before I turned off the bitumen onto the Lajamanu Road. A tiring but enjoyable drive.

Gouldian Finch

Double-barred Finch

Long-tailed Finch

Masked Finch

Zebra Finch

Purple-crowned Fairy-wren

Australian Bustard


  1. Great post Richard. Brought back great memories of a trip to Lajamanu last year. Really good to hear about Gouldians too.