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Friday, 29 May 2015

Birding around Kintore - story and photos

This eek I was out at Kintore, about 520 kms west of Alice Springs. Aside from the excitement of the Princess Parrot encounter the birding opportunities can be both unusual and close-up.

One of the places I visit when I am working out at Kintore is their Poo Ponds. Hardly a surprise. I have had some amazing experiences, especially with raptors, and this occasion was no different. On one day, I enjoyed watching a Spotted Harrier gliding over the distant grasses, a Black-breasted Buzzard comedown to drink from the ponds and then fly very close, and a Peregrine Falcon perched on the perimeter fence, then later in a nearby tree. All the while, hundreds of Zebra Finches lined the perimeter fence, awaiting their turn to flit down for a drink, Crimson Chats and White-winged Fairy-wrens jumping around the bushes and grasses just beyond the fence, and a pair of unusual visitors arrived for a few minutes - Painted Finches. Tree Martins by the score, and a few White-backed Swallows, not to mention the Grey Teals and a lone Australian Wood Duck accompanying the grebes on the ponds. The occasional Budgerigar small flock, and Cockatiels in pairs flew in as well. Singing Honeyeaters, and a Rufous Whistler pair didn't stray much from the bushes, and a few Diamond Doves but interestingly, no Crested Pigeons while I was there. They normally number into the 20s and more at these types of locations. Maybe next week. One variety which was there in huge numbers were Willie Wagtails. There were groups of 5, 8, 12, and I counted 15 in one group. They were everywhere. I had one or two in particular who were very inquisitive, landing on the open car door, the roof etc. while I was almost within touching distance.

Generally I park the car and stand with the sun behind me, so my location varies depending on the time of day. The pond gates are locked so I am forced to bird-watch from outside the fence, which is normally the best place in any case as I can move around the perimeter if I need to if I spot something on the other side of the ponds. It is rare for me to be at one of these remote Poo Ponds and have my bird-watching interrupted by another person. It really is almost perfect conditions, although every now and then the bugs or smell force an early end to the session.

Here are some photos from the latest foray to the Kintore Poo Ponds:

Black-breasted Buzzard

Crimson Chat

Painted Finch

Peregrine Falcon

White-winged Fairy-wren

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