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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The "Stare-downs" - Bird Photos head on

Sometimes I wonder who is watching who between me and the birds. There have been very few times when I wonder if some of those talons may, just possibly, dig into my flesh at some times. I normally get a tingle down the spine from being able to take a really good close up photo. There have been a couple of times, not many, when I get a different sort of tingle - that slight feeling of nervousness. Here are a couple of recent photos head on, none of which really gave me that worrying feeling, although the Black-breasted Buzzard certainly checked me out nice and close after the photo below.

Peregrine Falcon

Black-breasted Buzzard

Zebra Finch

Crested Bellbird


  1. A Barn Owl gave me that stare, an instant before it planted its talons into my forehead. It was going for my eyes but I instinctively ducked my head.