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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

A well placed bush - photos of Rainbow Bee-eaters, Budgerigar, Brown Honeyeater and Willie Wagtail at Papunya

Near the Papunya airstrip, there is a largish ground hollow that has had water in it on the occasions work has brought me to the Community. In the middle of one of the larger pools is a shrub that provides a lovely launching place for birds wanting a drink. The Diamond Doves and Zebra Finches use it, as well as a variety of other birds including the Rainbow Bee-eater.

Rainbow Bee-eater

from the perch, it launched an assault on something in the water


Brown Honeyeater

Willie Wagtail

The shrub, full of Zebra Finches and a few Budgerigars

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  1. so fabulous to see the budgerigars out there, and the rainbow-bee-eater put on such a show Richard