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Friday, 7 March 2014

A fleeting Peregrine Falcon experience, Brown Honeyeaters in an upside down dip, and a Rufous Songlark

Papunya has turned up a nice surprise. A young Peregrine Falcon without its usual "zoom" but still fast enough and alas a little way off but some photos just the same.

Peregrine Falcon

I think I counted 10 Brown Honeyeaters in the shrub in the middle of a large puddle, using the shrub to launch for a dip. Some weren't as keen as others and they were quite comical, almost human-like, with some plunging in and others just getting the smallest of dips. As I watched, one of the "plungers" did something strange- they flipped over just as they hit the water so it looked like they were bathing with their head up. Here are a few shots.

Brown Honeyeaters

Rufous Songlark

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