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Friday, 5 July 2013

A trip to Holmes Jungle Nature Park - bird photos

A quick trip to a place I haven't visited before that is full of strange new noises and birds, both familiar but not encountered for a while, and those often encountered in the last few days, was always going to run overtime. I started out at Palm Creek where I heard something that sounded like a large wild cat, even though I knew it was a bird of some sort. Without a recording it is difficult to even guess at what that was, although the locals may have a good idea. Black Kites and a few Whistling Kites were in the trees almost as thick as the bats we have at our campground at night. As I walked away from the car, at least 30 flew from nearby branches and added to the collection of Black Kites already filling the skies above.

After having a quick look at Palm Creek, and a short walk into the Forest Walk, I drove up to the picnic area at the other end of the Forest Walk (not that I knew that at the time), and then walked a little way along the path towards the top picnic area, until finally I realised the time and headed back to where I should have been.

I hope you enjoy some of the moments I captured in my short time.

Chestnut-breasted Mannikan

 Forest Kingfisher

Golden-headed Cisticola

Great Egret

Little Bronze-cuckoo

Spangled Drongo

Black Kite

Brown Falcon

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  1. A long list of great birds. A great sight for me, thanks, Richard.