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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Brolgas and other bird photos from Lake Woods and the road to Darwin

After the excitement of the last couple of days at Edith Falls with the Gouldian Finches (if you missed that post click the link here ) and then the Brahminy Kite at the Darwin Wharf precinct, and the Radjah Shelduck at Cullen Bay (if you missed this post click the link here ), I can reflect a little on Lake Woods and other birds we saw on the Stuart Highway on the way to Darwin.

The most exciting really was Moses' finding of the Australian Owlet-Nightjar during the day. He was the only one to see it and managed some great videos. Here is the link to one we have uploaded to his blog, if you would like to watch, click the link here.

Aside from this, there were a number of other birds at Lake Woods. One of which was the group of Brolgas that flew overhead. We could hear them before they arrived, and they flew fairly close, both in the late afternoon on the day we arrived and then early morning on the day we left Lake Woods. Here are a few photos from the late afternoon:


Australian Pelican

Caspian Tern

Rainbow Bee-eater

Yellow-tinted Honeyeater

 Apostlebirds at Dunmurra

Rainbow Bee-eater at Adelaide River

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