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Saturday, 6 July 2013

A few bird photos from Crocodylus Park and Batchelor

We've now left Darwin and arrived in Batchelor. Big day today, Parap markets, pack up van, drive to Crocodylus Park, then the Palmerston waterslide, shopping and then drive to Batchelor, set up van, exhausted just writing it all down! Saw some wonderful bird action at Crocodylus Park (denoted by "CP" below), and then later this afternoon at Batchelor (denoted by "B" below). Hope you enjoy.

Little Corella (first one is my favourite shot of the day, "Chicken Man!") (CP)

 Blue-winged Kookaburra (B)

Emu (this is in captivity at Crocodylus Park but I love Emus) (CP)

Forest Kingfisher (CP)

Galah (B)

Grey Butcherbird (B)
 Orange-footed Scrub-fowl (CP)

Ostrich female (this is in captivity at Crocodylus Park) (CP)

Ostrich male (this is in captivity at Crocodylus Park) (CP)

Pied Heron (CP)

 Pied Heron juvenile (CP)

 Torresion Imperial-pigeon (CP)

Silver-crowned Friarbird (B)

Spangled Drongo (B)

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  1. More great photos, especially the first one. Your blog just keeps getting better, Thank you for introducing me to so many new places with their enchanting birds.