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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Orange Chats, Black-tailed Native Hens, Pink-eared Ducks and Sandpipers photos from ASWTP

A quick venture out at lunch today was a battle against the wind and time. The poo ponds levels were up from my last visit and the shorebirds were having trouble finding wading areas. The lack of Black Swans is a concern. But the Pink-eared and Wood Ducks made up for the Swans in sheer numbers, probably 200 + or each.

The star of the day was the Orange Chat brigade, probably 40 or so individuals, and they had found a pond that was drying out almost completed. At the first sign of danger from one of the other species around, normally the Magpie Larks, all the Chats would peep into the air and settle wither in the surrounding foliage or the mounds of dirt beside the pond.

Enough waffle, here are the photos, as always, hope you enjoy.

Orange Chats

Black-tailed Native Hens

Pink-eared Ducks

Red-kneed Dotterel

 Sharp-tailed Sandpiper and Red-capped Plover

 Wood Sandpiper

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  1. Nice pics Richard. Those Chats are so brightly coloured. One bird I have yet to see along with the Wood Sandpiper. Thanks for sharing.