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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A Wedge-tailed Eagle in the late afternoon sun

Returning back late afternoon on the Stuart Highway, about 150 kms south of Alice Springs, I could make out a group of birds ahead on the roadside, probably attending to some poor, recently hit animal of some kind. Sure enough, a kangaroo had been hit by a vehicle and lay close to the side of the road. It was being attended by 2 large Wedge-tailed Eagles, and 2 large but comparatively small crows as well as another bird of prey circling above.

Generally when a car slows down the WTEs fly off and sit in a tree with the prey still visible, but not too close to the slowing vehicle. On this occasion, one of the WTEs did the usual escape, while the other one wasn't quite so sure it was a good idea to leave the evening meal alone. Apart from the crows, there was a Whistling Kite who was showing lots of interest, circling around the area. I stopped the car about 30 metres short of the roadkill and on the opposite side of the road. I took a number of photos from the car, then thought I'd test my luck by getting out. Again, normally, the WTE will fly off. This one didn't - it was obviously hungry. I closed to about a highway width plus the actual highway and then stopped as the bird was starting to get a bit nervous about this approaching bloke. During this time (about 5 minutes) not a single car passed going in either direction. I was frantically clicking away trying to get decent shots of the WTE feeding. Another 5 minutes and then we could both hear a vehicle approaching from the Alice Springs side. I was a bit concerned as the prey was very close to the road. Fortunately the WTE was facing away from the road and flew off to higher ground just beyond the view from the road. I followed it for a little while, amazed that it hopped (maybe the kangaroo habits were being transferred :-) ). It then perched on a rock until finally, perhaps 20 minutes after I had arrived, it flew off, eventually heading across the road about 100 metres from my position and took up residence with its mate in a tree that was beautifully silhouetted as the sun set. Another awesome WTE experience. Before I left, I dragged the roadkill well away from the roadside up into a small clearing. Hopefully I'll be able to see these magnificent birds again and again.

Hope you enjoy the photos.

Wedge-tailed Eagle

off the roadside and up onto the bank

On the rock

Sitting with its mate at sunset

The Whistling Kite hung around until the late afternoon sun made its feathers
reflect the setting suns colours


  1. Maravillosa serie Richard.Saludos

  2. Wonderful experience, beautifully captured.

  3. How could you breathe while taking these awesome photos?

  4. Thanks for the comments all, glad you enjoyed the photos. Regards, Richard

  5. Hi!
    Wow, amazing serie of this great birds of prey. And i realy love the sunset.
    Have a nice day!

  6. Hey, he's really working those pants! Must be a 70s bird!
    Great shots!

  7. Magnificent eagle and a stunning sunset. Thanks for sharing.