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Monday, 22 April 2013

Alice Springs to Haasts Bluff stopping at Ellery Creek Big Hole

Spinifex Pigeon

This morning I drove from Alice Springs to Haasts Bluff, stopping at Ellery Creek Big Hole to break the drive. The Spinifex Pigeon above was one of a pair I spotted on the other side of the road from the turnoff. I'd pulled up there not for the Spinnies, but for some other smaller birds, Weebills, that had flown across the road as I pulled back onto the highway. It was unusual to see so many (about 10) so I followed them just off the road and stopped. I then heard a low "Ooomm" from the other side of the car and turned around to see something scurry in between the spinifex grasses. I love these birding moments where you see something totally unexpected.

Below are some more photos of the carpark and waterhole at Ellery Creek Big Hole and more of the Spinifex Pigeons. Hope you enjoy.

Australian Ringneck

Dingo in the carpark at Ellery Creek Big Hole

Pacific Black Ducks "ducking". The Eurasian Coot is not amused

Pied Butcherbird

more Spinifex Pigeon photos


  1. I'm especially loving that spinifex pigeon; w.o.w!

  2. Hi!
    Lovely serie with some stunning birds, the spininfix pigeon are so qute.
    Have a nice week