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Monday, 8 April 2013

Another Wedge-tailed Eagle experience and a Brown Falcon

I drove back down the Stuart Highway yesterday and came across a road kill. I was saddened to see that the remains were those of an Emu, a bird I have had wonderful experiences with, not least one called Edna who lived at a camp we stayed at in our trip around Western Australia in 2010.

There were 4 Wedge-tailed Eagles around this roadkill, and as it was right next to the road they flew off as I slowed, but didn't go too far, obviously they hadn't had enough to completely disappear.

Wedge-tailed Eagle

A bit further down the road I saw a  Brown Falcon sitting on a fence about 25 metres from the road. I thought I'd investigate. As I swung the car around I noticed it had flown down on the other side of the fence to the grasses/rocks and was a bit excited as the last time I saw a Brown Falcon on the ground it had caught a huge Centralian Blue-tongue (see that post here ). This time there wasn't any large prey, but it did hop on the ground around a particular clump of grass for quite some time, and I was guessing there was a little lizard in there somewhere, although I didn't see the falcon catch anything.

Brown Falcon


  1. wonderful photographs Richard; I enjoyed seeing them very much. I was lucky to capture a wedge-tail soaring over the beach on the weekend too, saving for my blog Wednesday post

  2. Great shots as always! You must have the knack of knowing which brown falcons to stop for!

  3. Cheers Carole and Peter, seem to be a lot around at the moment.