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Monday, 17 December 2012

Blue Bonnets and Mulga Parrots at Lake Hart, Stuart Highway, S.A.

Driving with the family south from Alice Springs, we pulled over and stayed the night at Lake Hart, a wayside stop about 40 kms north of Pimba on the Stuart Highway.

The Ghan train runs right beneath the rest area, and it looked quite picturesque with the salt lake in the background.

Early morning was a bit cooler for our family than what we have been used to for the past couple of months, but it was worth getting up with the sun as I heard an unfamiliar sound, yet I had a feeling I had heard it somewhere before. Sure enough, a pair of Blue Bonnets had flown into a tree between us and the highway. I grabbed the camera and headed over, and managed some poor shots in low light, but still good enough for identification. I thought that was likely to be my best chance for a photo, but was delighted when a largish group of Mulga Parrots flew into a tree just below our camper-trailer. When I say tree, it is more of a large bush, as there aren't lots of trees around Pimba. As I snapped away at the Mulgas, I noticed some Blue Bonnets in behind the foliage. They flew into another nearby bush, and fortunately sat there for me. Hope you enjoy the photos:

Blue Bonnet

Blue Bonnet and Mulga Parrot

Mulga Parrots

Enjoy your Bird-watching!

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