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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Birds of Victor Harbour, South Australia

Spent the past couple of days around Victor Harbour, South Australia. Yesterday was a beautiful calm, sunny, warm day, however the wind picked up today and showery clouds were scudding across the sky most of the day.

Below are a range of birds from the area, starting with an argument over space:

Crested Terns

Australasian Grebe

Australian Magpie

Australian White Ibis

Immature Black-shouldered Kites

Cape Barron Goose

Common Blackbird

Common Starling

Immature Crimson Rosella

Dusky Moorhen

Immature Galah

Great Cormorant

Little Black Cormorant

Little Pied Cormorant

Little Raven

Little Wattlebird

Immature Nankeen Kestrel

New Holland Honeyeater

Pacific Gull

Superb Fairy-wren

White-fronted Chat

The Galah above was unusual, which fitted in with the Galahs here. There were a lot of different sounding Galahs to the ones in Alice Springs, and other places I have heard them, perhaps the immature ones have a different call. As you can see by the names above the photos, there were a lot of immature birds of all different species around, obviously the breeding season here has been going pretty well. The first day netted around 50 birds, and the total for the two days was around 65. Well worth a visit in a few years when the wetlands start to take shape to the east of Victor Harbour. 


  1. Estupenda entrada con un monton de bonitas aves.Saludos

    1. Thanks Isidro, much appreciated comments. Regards, Richard

  2. Hi!
    Yoy have som many diffrent lovely birdspicies,some are so colourfull.
    Greetings from Sweden