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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Pelicans and others in flight at the Poo Ponds

Had a quick trip to the A;lice Springs Poo Ponds early yesterday afternoon in between helping a friend with his computer issues and picking the kids up from school. Being on holidays seems to be different these days, who gets to relax? Too many things to be done around the house. Probably what happens when you are out bush every week throughout the year! Anyway, onto the birding part.

Chris Watson ( had reported a fledged Peregrine at the Poo Ponds via Twitter, so I thought if I got the chance I'd head into the ponds for the first time in a while. Chris had also mentioned some pelicans, and after learning the Peregrine was at the back part of the ASWTP, decided to just check out the birds in the near ponds and hopefully the pelicans.

There were two Pelicans, and the normally placid birds took flight with the ever-flighty ducks. They circled above the ponds for a while, long enough to take these shots. One thing I noted was the placement of the feet in flight:

Australian Pelican

There were a lot of ducks and Black-tailed Native Hens. This Native Hen I think was confused as to who it should be following:
Black-tailed Native Hen and Wood Ducks

The following photos are of other birds at the Poo Ponds:

Black Swan

Black-winged Stilts

Grey Teals in Flight

Red-capped Plover

Red-necked Avocet in flight

White-winged Fairy-wren

Wood Sandpiper

Enjoy your Bird-watching!

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