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Friday, 10 August 2012

Native Gap Conservation Reserve birds

Native Gap is about 120 kms north of Alice Springs on the Stuart Highway. I like to stop here as camping overnight isn't allowed which generally means I have the whole place to myself if I leave Alice Springs early in the morning.

The Reserve has a hill boundary to the north, the Stuart Highway to the east, and can be sheltered from the wind on most days. There are a few picnic tables and a drop-dunny.

Probably one of the first birds I generally hear is the Western Bowerbird. The ring out their calls from the rocky ledges or pine trees as you drive in, or from some of the larger trees on the lower slopes. A Willie Wagtail or two normally greet you as you make your way into the parking area, and at the moment the Mistletoebirds are busy and noisy. Fairy-wrens, Thornbills and Grey Fantails seem to occupy the clump of trees beyond the toilet, and Robins, bioth Hooded and Red-capped, flit between the tree cover to the large trees in the parking area. Birds of Prey fly over-head or perch high on the hills. Honeyeaters are normally busy in the trees to the south of the parking area as well as Pigeons and Doves. A walk along the base of the hill towards the west will normally uncover a Crested Bellbird in the grasses or the lower branches of small shrubs. At the moment flocks of Budgerigars sweep by overhead, and the Crows generally make lots of noise both overhead and around the parking area.

Here are some photos from earlier this week:
Grey Shirke-thrush

Grey-headed Honeyeater

Western Bowerbird

Grey Fantail

Diamond Dove

Hooded Robin

Splendid Fairy-wren

Torresian Crow

Yellow-rumped Thornbill


Happy Birding!

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