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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Painted Finches, Fairy and Tree Martin photos

Spent a lovely morning with my youngest son at the Alice Springs Poo Ponds this morning. We started off assisting with the bird count, and then meandered up to the furthest ponds from the car park.

The highlight, apart from the time with my son, was coming across a small flock of Painted Finches, probably around 20 in total. They were hanging around with the Zebra Finches near one of the drains leading back to the main part of the Ponds.

We also saw Fairy Martins and Tree Martins near the gate at the Poo Ponds.

Fairy Martin

Tree Martins on the left, Fairy Martins on the right

Tree Martin

Happy Birding!

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    Great bird serie as allways
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