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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Birds of Willowra and surrounds

Willowra is approximately 200 kms north of Alice Springs on the Stuart Highway, and then 130 kms west on the road to Willowra. Aningie Station is about 42 kms from the Stuart Highway along the dirt, and the rocky hills and mulga lined roadside makes for a fairly picturesque drive. After Aningie Station, the sides of the road are much flatter, with a lot of burnt out spots with new growth emerging amongst the anthills.

The treat of Willowra, apart from the mating of donkeys to both send you to sleep and wake you in the morning, was a pair of Brown Goshawks, one quite young and only recently fledged, that were occupying the trees near the accommodation I had for the week:

Brown Goshawks:

Apart from the Goshawks, I was also treated to the sound of 250+ Galahs late in the afternoon, and also saw large numbers along the road to and from Willowra. Below is a photo of a tree full of Galahs:

Another of the pink and white variety of bird is the Major Mitchell Cockatoos. There was probably 7-10 of these throughout the week. These photos are of a few coming in to land in the early morning:

Some of the other more photographed birds from the surrounds of Willowra are below:

Black-breasted Buzzard

Brown Falcon

Crimson Chat

Inland Thornbill

Nankeen Kestrel

Red-capped Robin

Australasian Pipit

Juvenile Rufous Whistler

Splendid Fairy-wren

Happy Birding!

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  1. Bonitas fotos de estas especies,pero sin duda me quedo con las rapaces.Saludos