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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Rufous-throated Honeyeater

After discovering the wonders of Newcastle Waters near Elliott on my last trip a couple of weeks ago, I ventured up the 25 or so kilometres north to see what wonders I could find this time. The area had had a lot more rain and the flood plains were filling fast. I didn't park the car on the cause-way, instead leaving it well above the high water mark and I was glad I did.
Whilst wandering down the causeway, a ute came and parked right next to one of the drains that allowed water under the road. The locals got out and two of them promptly got into the water on the downstream side of the road next to the pipes, then commenced to pull fish out, they looked like a bream of some sort, and threw them on the road for the third person to then put onto a long stick. Soon the stick was full of fish and another stick was found. It was quite funny to watch the arms being withdrawn from the pipes and another fish flung up onto the road.
After being amused by this scene, I continued on with the bird watching. Alas no Brolgas this time, but lots of Black Kites, Whistling Kites, Egrets and Darters.
I had seen the Rufous-throated Honeyeater on my last visit but didn't get any decent photos, but this time, maybe because the waters were so high, they were right next to the road. Below is a sample of some of the better shots:

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