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Monday, 27 February 2012

Alice Springs to Elliott, flashfloods, perenties, red dog, and a few birds

Left Alice Springs early this morning and made it to Ti Tree, about 200 kms north of Alice without too many issues, although I saw red dog by the side of the road (a blue heeler, collarless in the middle of no where!)
But the clouds were looking ominous so I put my swag inside the cabin rather than in the ute tray. Between Ti Tree and Barrow Creek I drove through 30 + minutes of torrential rain, and had a few floodway crossings where the indicators were showing up to 50 cms, but was pretty confident as there were other cars and the highway is bitumen. Next surprise was a huge perentie (goanna) on the other side of the road. I guessed the body to be about 4 feet and the tail equally as long. Obviously not fussed about cars, just meandering along the road.
The clouds finally stopped letting loose their moisture and apart from a few short bursts the rest of the trip to Elliott was spent watching an amazing lightening show in the distance.
The last place before Elliott is Renner Springs. The speed limit doesn't change from 130 km/h, but generally I slow down here anyway, just in case someone is pulling out of the petrol station. Lucky I did. 4 geese were wandering across the road. They are residents at the petrol station/campground. They tried very hard to become grilled Mitsubishi Triton Geese, but I just managed to avoid them and noticed one honking at me! as I went past, as if I was the one in the wrong part of the world!
Finally arrived at Elliott only to find the people who had arranged my accommodation for the night had left work and I had no way to contact them, so back to the caravan park for at least one night. I've brought a thermometer this time and as I write this it is 28.4 degrees celcius, with cloud cover so probably 30-40 percent humidity, a bit sweaty!

Anyway, the birding was diminished today due to the rain and the time constraints but still managed a few shots:

Major Mitchell Cockatoos by the side of the highway:

Crested Pigeon:

Brown Falcon transferring prey from feet to beak:

and silhouetted in front of one of the huge storm clouds:

more cloud shots:

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  1. Love the Major Mitchell shots. They make me think "I hope that THIS IS THE YEAR I will see Major Mitchell cockatoos!"

  2. Naturally my heart stops at the Major Mitchell, :), but the Hawk and the lizard are great pictures too!
    Well done!

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