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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Quick Trip to Tennant Creek

I headed up the road for a short drive with a friend to Tennant Creek. Only 1200 or so kms in a day and a half. It was nice to feel a bit warmer!

Our targets were the species in the spinifex-laden hills around TC, and I learned a lot from my friend about habitats.

By far the most numerous were the Grey-fronted Honeyeaters. They were very curious. Weebills also would come close to check out the weirdos on the ground below. The Spinifex Pigeons were also there in numbers and if we sat quietly, they only seemed to notice us at the last second before they stumbled into us. Birds of prey were constantly circling, and Painted Finches could often be heard in small groups flying overhead. We saw a Ground Cuckoo-shrike on the way up the highway, and a few small flocks of Budgerigars and Zebra Finches. A very enjoyable day and a half.

Wedge-tailed Eagles soaring

Nankeen Kestrel flyby

Ground Cuckoo-shrike on the way up the highway

Grey-fronted Honeyeater by a soak

Spinifex Pigeons

A curious Weebill

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