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Monday, 21 March 2016

Painted Finch, Cockatiels, Yellow-rumped Thornbill and a couple of reptiles

The rains have disappeared at least for the moment and the countryside around Alice Springs is drying out. Puddles only last a day or two, and the birds need to find new water sources. I saw a group of about 1000 budgerigars heading west along the Macdonnell Ranges over the weekend.

I also saw a small group of Indian Ringneck Parakeets, not good for the local parrot populations. Hopefully the parakeets will be caught soon.

On the brighter side, there have been a few good photo opportunities recently, starting with this delightful Painted Finch who decided to land nearby as I was looking for a different bird. Always nice when these occasions happen along.

Painted Finch

Another delightful experience recently was a visit to the back yard gum tree by 4 Cockatiels, 2 males and 2 females. I feel very fortunate to have these lovely birds to watch without leaving home!


Another nice and close encounter recently was a small group of Yellow-rumped Thornbills. Here was one that I managed to photograph without leaves or branches in the way.

And as the air and surrounds dry out, the reptiles seem to become more common, Below is a Long-tailed Dragon and a Sand Goanna.


  1. Great Painted Finch photos. I love the lizards too.

    1. Thanks John. I love it when the lizards etc just sit there posing for the camera.