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Friday, 5 June 2015

Orange Chats and Birds of Prey

Had an unexpected encounter with a small group of Orange Chats out at Kintore. My first sighting was of a female, and then a young male and a mature male. The last, with the photos below, came and sat on the perimeter fence of the Poo Ponds at Kintore almost right in front of me. I had this strange feeling he kept saying "where is he, where is he" as he looked from side to side. A Willie Wagtail prancing about on the roof of the work car behind me seemed to be chirping "he's behind you, he's behind you!" A lovely but brief experience.

Orange Chat

The Birds of Prey seemed plentiful this week. Quite often they had Willie Wagtails for company sitting on the perimeter fence. One of the shots below shows a Willie Wagtail pecking at the back feathers, then going in for a head butt!

The Papunya Poo Ponds was a nightmare for any smaller birds, with Brown Goshawk, Australian Hobby, Collared Sparrowhawk, Black Falcon and Whistling Kites all having a go, mainly at one of the hundreds of Zebra Finches.
Brown Falcon

Brown Falcon with Willie Wagtail

Hardheads over Kintore Hills

Nankeen Kestrel with 9 Willie Wagtails

Black-breasted Buzzard

Australian Hobby

Brown Goshawk

Collared Sparrowhawk

Whistling Kite


  1. Top job Richard. 150-600 + 7DII?

  2. Great photos, especially the Willy Wagtail harrassing the Brown Falcon. Jack asked the question 150-600 + 7DII? Does that mean Canon 7D Mark II and either a Tamron or Sigma 150-600 zoom? I recently purchased a Canon 6D, (should have got the 7D instead) and a Sigma 150-600, (beast).
    I have to admit that I like my old Fufifilm HS-50 superzoom camera better. It works just as well when placed on a tripod and is so much more versatile to use.

    1. Hi John. Tamron 150-600 and Canon 7D Mark II. Would recommend the camera, not the lens though. So, the Sigma a good lens?