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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Early morning birding action at Nyirripi

Before the sun peeked through the shrubs, the Peregrine had taken station on top of a lamp post. 15 minutes after the sun broke through, the budgies started arriving. In the meantime, a really gutsy Willie Wagtail tried to hassle the Peregrine off the wires. Groups of 10, 20 and more, all checking out the water and building into larger and larger groups.

Throw in a water sampler and his dogs, a bull in the paddock and there was action aplenty, not least of which when the dogs started going the bull, the Peregrine decided that was a good time to do a swoop, and the budgies scattered. all very exciting to watch.

Peregrine Falcon

A really gutsy Willie Wagtail takes on the Peregrine

Budgerigars, noisy and colourful

Nankeen Kestrel decided to join in at one point

Rufous Whistler checked me out

Not sure if this was the brave one, but made for a lovely backdrop for the photo