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Monday, 20 October 2014

Some photos from the past week or so of birds around the Centre

I have been a bit lax in posting so I thought I'd put a collection from the past week or so around Central Australia. There are so many birds nesting and feeding as well as lots of juveniles around the place, sometimes making it hard to identify species, or which way to look. This is not confined to smaller or larger birds, they all seem to be enjoying the abundant food, both non-bird food like grass seeds, and prey for the larger birds. The sun is baking the middle of Australia, and the reptiles are out as well, so the larger birds have a pretty good menu at the moment.

The following birds are in no particular order, but the raptors are big favourites in my family so I'll start with a few of them:

Australian Hobby

Young Black-shouldered Kite

Australasian Grebes giving me the rear view

Major Mitchell Cockatoo letting me know it was thinking what I was thinking

Young Mistletoebird demanding some food, even if it was greens!

Spinifex Pigeon pretending to be a rock


  1. Super pictures, Richard. I'd love to see a Spinifex Pigeon.

    1. Cheers Russell, not always the easiest to see in the wild, but always lovely when a Spinnie turns up