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Monday, 20 October 2014

Cockatiels, Cockatiels, Cockatiels .. they're everywhere, they're everywhere,. just a few, hundred that is, oh and I took some photos

Was driving into the sun along Larapinta Drive, about 13 kms west of Simpsons Gap, when I saw a large flock rise above the trees. At first I thought it must have been Masked Woodswallows as the sorts of numbers fitted their profile. As I go closer, I noticed other varieties as well, as well as a few birds of prey. Naturally, as you do, I slowed and stopped, grabbed the camera andwent to check it out. The noise was incredible. Cockatiels everywhere, as well as Budgerigars, Zebra Finches, honeyeaters, and watching all from above was a quiet Whistling Kite, sitting on its nest. Next moment, the smaller birds scatter to every direction and the Cockatiels flee to the sky. I watch as an Australian Hobby zooms through the air, just above the ground, failing this time in an attempt to score a meal. The birds slowly return to the same spot and I notice there is a small hollow in the creek bed and there is some water. Should have known really, anywhere around at the moment where water is available is a magnet for the seed eaters and predators alike. I stayed for only about 10 minutes but managed a few photos.


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