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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

A cute Pink-eared Duckling along with mum, and others from the Alice Springs Water Treatment Plant

It has been a while since I visited our local ponds, and the birdlife seem to be enjoying the refuge as the outlying areas dry out. A surprise camein the form of a fluffy little Pink-eared Duckling. I walked up to a corner of a pond and was surprised by the slow movement of an adult Pink-eared Duck. Soon I realised why when this ball of fluff sauntered out from the protection of the bank, chasing the adult. It was curious to watch how the adult kept its distance until both were well into the middle of a rather large pond. I was glad there were no raptors hanging around during those minutes as it would have been awful to see this little one be taken.

Pink-eared Duckling

 Pink eared Duck

White-winged Fairy-wren

Fairy Martin followed by Tree Martin
nice of them to sit in the same position - makes it easy to identify and compare

Another pairing, Little Corella followed by Long-billed Corella

Yellow-rumped Thornbill


  1. oh the duckling is super and the pink-eared duckling so special; great pickups Richards!

  2. you're not wrong in saying it was cute. What a gorgeous little duckling - certainly not an ugly duckling! Beautiful collection of images. I am yet to see a pink eared duck!

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