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Friday, 27 June 2014

Redthroats at Alice Springs Telegraph Station

I have managed to see Redthroats once before, but didn't manage to get decent photos. I had been told that they were hanging around the Telegraph Station and Mark Carter was able to give me more specific directions. Thank you Mark. Going up the track, I was expecting nothing as most of my experiences of targetting specific species have turned up zilch, but on this occasion, I managed to firstly hear them (I had re-checked their call from my Pizzey and Knight app on the iPad in the car), then see them, then get some half decent photos. Not a bird I see lots of photographs of, so hope you enjoy. The male kept its distance a bit more but the female was very obliging. The male is in the first couple of photos with the red throat, the female doesn't have this feature.


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  1. wow, lucky you Richard. I was there a couple weeks back myself but no Red throats :(. I hadn't even heard of them to be honest, and I too have that wonderful Pizzey and Knight iPad app., just love it.