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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Are you a birdwatcher? If you answer "No", please read this Blog Post!

Over the past couple of years, I have talked to a lot of people about birds and bird-watching. When I ask them if they are a bird-watcher, most of them say "No". But really, after talking to them for a little while, they are doing exactly the same as I do, but are doing it sub-consciously. I think most people are bird-watchers, or nature-watchers.

The conversations normally start out like this:
"Richard, someone told me you are a bird-watcher. The other day I saw this bird .... "
Sometimes after trying to work out what the bird was the other person had seen is the end of the discussion. But the majority of the time, the discussion goes much further. One of the most enjoyable tips I give to people is to start using their ears more than their eyes. I met a couple in Batchelor, NT, last year. They had seen a slideshow of birds on my laptop screensaver and asked if they could have a chat about the local birds. We agreed to meet later that night and I would do a slideshow just of the local birds. Another 2 groups joined our "fireside" chat. They all asked how they could better appreciate the birdlife in the area, and I suggested as they were walking around, to look for the different birds based on their sounds. The next day, the lady from the original couple saw me and came over and said she and her husband had been amazed by the amount of birds they had heard and seen that morning. They had done the same walk the previous day and hadn't noticed nearly as many birds. She then asked about books on birds and what I would recommend. We are spoilt for choice in Australia with 4 really good bird identification books, with my personal favourite being Pizzey and Knight. With the digital age, both the Pizzey and Knight and the Michael Morcombe books can now be purchased in digital format, which can help more than the books as they also have the bird sounds for most species.

Not everyone will want to bird watch all the time. No everyone will want to spend money on specific cameras and lenses. But anyone and everyone can appreciate or wonderful wildlife, and bird life in particular. Anyone who has seen the amazing colours of our parrots could not help but be amazed at the colour and for some species their gregarious nature. Galahs for instance are fairly common birds around Australia and anyone who takes 5 minutes to watch them couldn't help but smile at their sometimes outrageous behaviour.

For those people driving along our roads, the sight of Wedge-tailed Eagles either soaring above, or sitting and eating roadkill couldn't help but be impressed by their size and grace soaring above.

Wedge-tailed Eagle


  So, I ask you the same question as the Post Title - Are you a birdwatcher? Is the answer still no? 

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