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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

A stunning Spotted Harrier and stunned by a (space junk?) object in the sky at Kintore

Late this afternoon I went for a short drive from the Kintore Community. I had a lovely experience with a Spotted Harrier who wanted to come down and check me over:

Spotted Harrier

I had moved off from this spot to another one about 100 metres away, when something large with black/dark wings fluttered from the ground and back down again. While I was (unsuccessfully) looking for this bird, I heard a quiet "bang" from somewhere behind me, and it was quiet. I looked around and then noticed a strange cloud formation that was 140 degrees across the sky overhead, with black trails to the east and a strange "head" to the west. I'm not sure what it was, and am a little bemused that I was chasing something I didn't see when above me was probably the most amazing sight. If anyone knows what this could have been please let me know. I am guessing space junk or something, just by the "tubular" cloud formation. (best seen in the third photo)


  1. Wonderful Spotted Harrier encounter and you captured it beautifully. Amazing UFO pictures too! I wonder if someone was testing something?

    1. Thanks Russell, Spotted Harrier was certainly a treat. Saw 5 on the road from Alice to Kintore (about 535 kms, 7-8 hours) but didn't really get a decent shot of any of them. The one today was much more obliging. I have been told that more than likely it was a test jet or US fighter plane. Suppose I'll never really know :-)

  2. Richard,
    You can expect the aliens to show up at your doorstep late some night. Great photos.

    1. Thanks John, I have the keyboard ready with and have been prcticing the Close Encounters ditty.