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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Australian Hobby, Black Kite, insects and cloud formations - Alice Springs to Docker River

The change in the weather has brought about some changes in the visibility of bird life. Last week I drove down to Docker River, a beautiful drive from Alice Springs via Erldunda and Yulara, and the birds of prey were very noticeable. On Monday the wind was roaring and clouds rolled in from about Erldunda and the birds were conspicuous by their absence. I know they were still there somewhere, just not as easy to spot. One bird I managed to find was an Australian Hobby at one of the rest stops along the Lasseter Highway. Perched in a tree being blown around by the wind, it seemed happy enough for me to stop the car and take some photos.

Australian Hobby
"What was that?"

There was also a Black Kite who was struggling with the heat, perched high in a tree

Black Kite

The insects were making the most of the lack of birds, and they were enjoying the flowers in some of the trees near one of the places I stopped.

By far the most impressive sights of the day were the cloud formations and the scenery. Although it would have been nice to stay and watch the clouds over Uluru and the Olgas (Kata Tjuta), I had to push on to get to Docker River not too much after dark. The setting sun, the clouds and the red-dirt covered hills were spectacular. Here are some of the images


  1. Spectacular shots there Richard! I didn't realize the Olgas turned that colour. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great shots Rich. Wow Factor! Do you think that new eos body has some non-birding benefits? (or is this when you tell me they were taken with a camera phone)?