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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Thorny Devil, Bearded Dragon, Budgerigars and Wildflowers on the Kintore Road

I have been looking for the Thorny Devil on the roads for a while now as the weather heats up in Central Australia. Just recently I have noticed a few more reptiles on the road but until yesterday, this delightful creature has eluded me and the camera lens. After a few encounters with birds of prey and reptiles, it is interesting to note when the reptiles begin to emerge, and how that impacts on the number of birds of prey scanning the ground from above the roads. I don't actually like seeing the birds get the reptiles, especially when they are as pretty as this Thorny Devil. The detail in their outer presentation to the world is truly amazing, as intricate as you could find on almost any animal.
This particular one was on the road about half way between Papunya and Kintore. I was keeping an eye out for them but still managed to drive past and had to reverse. I was so happy to see it was still in the same place. I read recently that they are great photographic subjects because they don't move too much. The article was correct in this instance.

Thorny Devil

Not much further down the road was this little Bearded Dragon. They are very funny to watch when they move across the road, it is almost as though they "swim" through the red dirt.

Before I came across these two beautiful reptiles, the birds and the wildflowers were more than a little captivating. The Budgerigars are certainly growing in numbers now, with a flock of about 200 in one instance, many other flocks ranging in size from 4-5 to about 70. The ones in the photos below were in a group of about 50 feeding on the grass seeds at the side of the road, mostly behind the raised edges, but occasionally a few would flutter into the grasses where I could see and photograph.


and the Wildflower. I know I have put a lot of these up recently on a birding blog, but part of the reason for birds coming to this area is because of the feed around, including the wildflower seeds.

 and this is the road late afternoon without wind to blow away the dust


  1. What incredible photos of the Thorny Devil. In the USA I can only see Budgies and Bearded Dragons in pet stores. How I would love to see all of these things in their natural habitat.
    I can do without the dust.

  2. What great scenes! Well done on the budgies as well. The way you describe it I suspect some patience was involved