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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Some (relatively) unusual birds from Kintore to Papunya and a few of the regulars

Driving back to Alice Springs from Kintore yesterday, I came across a few of the less seen (by me anyway) birds. In reality, it was the 280 km stretch between Kintore and Papunya, and even more specifically from Kintore to Mt Liebig turnoff.

The first bird I stopped for was a Chiming Wedgebill. I wasn't 100% from the photo so I waited for the call - then I knew, definitely a Chiming Wedgebill, as opposed to a Chirruping Wedgebill that looks almost identical, although THAT would be unusual as its range is much further south I think.

Chiming Wedgebill

 this isn't the best shot of one in flight, but you can see a little that may help to identify one in the future if you have very good eyesight and ID skills, in which case you probably don't need the photo!

Next was the Crested Bellbird, a little more often photographed, but heard a lot more than seen. This one was very polite and sat on the tree long enough for me to reverse to take a couple of snaps.

One of the disappointments of the day was the poor photos I managed of two Australian Bustards in flight, one about 5 minutes after the other. Here are 2 of the "better" shots

The last two less unusual birds kept a fair distance. One was the Varied Sittella

and the second was the White-fronted Honeyeater

 and a few of the more common birds:

Australasian Pipit

Brown Falcon

Brown Falcon hassled by a Masked Woodswallow

Brown Falcon going across the red dirt road


Centralian Blue-tongue Lizard

Crimson Chat

Diamond Dove flashing me but the female wasn't impressed

Grey-headed Honeyeater

Lizard on the red dirt

Masked Woodswallow

Pied Butcherbird - "King of the Castle!"

Rufous Songlark

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  1. A great collection! I too would have been anxious to look at the results when trying to catch a bustard in flight (or any bustard for that matter)!