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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Gouldian Finches - in the wild, photos

Today goes down as a red-letter day. I had read a report on Eremaea Birds that someone had seen Gouldian Finches on the Edith Falls road, about 5 kms from the Stuart Highway in a creek bed/crossing. Having tried to find birds that are "supposed" to be there without luck many times, I figured there was little chance but may as well have a try. As we got out of the car, I told my two sons it was very unlikely, but if they did see one, please don't shout out "There it is!" Off we trotted down to where we could see a small pool of water. We disturbed a couple of small birds. Could this be them? No. Double-barred Finches and Long-tailed Finches. Oh well. We looked for another 5 or so minutes and I was about ready to get back in the car as I really didn't want to push my luck with one of my sons who is not really into bird-watching and I had said if they weren't there, we would go. Same son had wandered up to another part of the creek. I was about to say we were going, when I noticed him taking photos of something on the bank. I asked if they were finches, he responded "no, but there are some finches up there". He pointed further up the creek. At the time I was a tad exasperated as he had seen or heard the finches but was taking photos of a butterfly (I found that out later). My other son who was standing nearby tagged along with me to where the older son was standing and we crouched near the water. On a rocky bank further up stream, I could see small birds fluttering around and coming to drink by the waters edge. Camera up and clicking away, saying to the boys they were Crimson Finches. Then suddenly, dad (me) yells out "Gouldian Finches! There on the bank!" So much for keeping quiet. We got some half decent photos and my youngest son has a video as well.
In all we saw 5 different species of finches in the one spot, aforementioned 4 and the Masked finch as well, but by far the most colourful and exotic is the Gouldian Finch. Thanks to Banjo and Moses, awesome experience with my sons.

Gouldian Finches


  1. Lovely story. 96 hrs ago would have been grand!

  2. Stunning birds.
    Greetings from Sweden

  3. I knew the day would come!!
    Congratulations Rich! What brilliant colour!!
    A day that will be long-remembered by one old man and quite possibly two younger men!