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Friday, 28 June 2013

Fairy-wrens come out to play - White-winged, Variegated and Splendid

Saw all three Fairy-wrens in the one small area of bushes, and for once, they thought I was ok to hang around, especially the White-winged and the Variegated - seem to have trouble getting decent photos of these types.
It was interesting to see if I could hear the difference in their trills, but they all sound quite similar. Also, I was interested to try to gt photos of the females or young ones hanging around as well, but with all three in the same bushes, it was a little difficult to say for sure.

White-winged Fairy-wren

Variegated Fairy-wren


Splendid Fairy-wren

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  1. Your fantastic photos show that the White-winged, and Variegated Fairy Wrens are much more colorful that the field guide illustrates. I always knew that the Splendid Fairy Wren was an absolute stunner. These photos make me regret that I spent all the money that I was saving for a trip to Australia on a much shorter trip to the Pribilof Islands. Oh well, live and learn.