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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Yellow-rumped Thornbills nesting, Pied Honeyeaters, Crimson Chats and other photos - Alice Springs to Papunya

I drove out to Papunya today to return to work after an exciting long weekend in Melbourne watching the footy with one of my sons. Along the road I came across some Yellow-rumped Thornbills busily preparing a nest.

Yellow-rumped Thornbill's nesting

I also came across a lot of Pied Honeyeaters near Papunya. They enjoyed keeping their distance.
Female Pied Honeyeater on left, Singing Honeyeater on the right

Female above the male Pied Honeyeaters

Male (right) chasing the female on the left

A couple of males

The Crimson Chats were in the same area as the Pied Honeyeaters

Just to make things slightly confusing for the observer, a few Hooded Robins were around, and the female White-winged Triller (not unlike the female Pied Honeyeater at first glance:

Hooded Robin

The Zebra Finches are starting to gather in certain spots as well as the recent rains dry out.

Zebra Finch

and the Masked Woodswallows were hanging around with the Pied Honeyeaters as well

after a short period where the birds seemed to have hibernated for the winter, I was glad to see them out in force today.

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