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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Pied Honeyeaters at Papunya - finally some decent photos

I returned to the road to the airstrip at Papunya early this morning to see if I could find the Pied Honeyeaters again. As I slowed the car to a stop, I knew by the constant peeping that they at least were still in the same area. After about an hour of taking shots from 50 metres or so, I was beginning to despair I wasn't going to get any decent photos. I followed my ears to one tree that seemed to be constantly visited by some of the Pied Honeyeaters and stood underneath a bare mulga tree, hoping I would blend in with the surroundings by staying fairly still. Eventually a particular one flew off from the top of the canopy and then returned. It did this on several occasions. I managed to get some flight shots (see below) but not the really nice close-up photos I was hoping for. I'd almost given up when the same bird came down to a tree nearby. I cautioned myself to raise the camera slowly and take my time. I am pretty pleased with the results. Hope you enjoy.

Pied Honeyeater


  1. didn't even know they existed till now; thanks for that! Just looked it up in my bird book and knowing how tiny they are; they must be magnificent to see like you did. To capture with your camera too; well done Richard

    1. Thanks Carole, about the same size as a Singing Honeyeater if you get them near you. The Black Honeyeater which looks similar is smaller but without the blue teardrop. Cheers.