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Monday, 17 June 2013

Black Honeyeaters, juvenile Collared Sparrowhawk and other bird photos from today

The day finished with a little birding time with my son Moses. We travelled to the junction of Rainbow Valley and the Stuart Highway in the afternoon and had a nice hour or two, Moses chasing Red-capped Robins in the bushes, but the excitement for me besides spending the time with my son was the Black Honeyeaters. After the plethora of the Pied Honeyeaters last week, it was a strange single "Peep" call that alerted me to their presence, and then Moses managed to spot one a little way down the Rainbow Valley road. At first sight, a distance away, I thought it may be a Hooded Robin, but the "Peep" call made it definite and then closer photos showed the beak of the honeyeater, and then the little black V on the chest confirmed it if I had any further doubts.

Black Honeyeater

Just before we left home, the Magpie Larks were going bananas in the park behind our house. I followed the noise and saw a young Magpie Lark jamming itself up against one of the fences on the other side of the park being attacked by a bird of prey of some sort. I called Moses out and then the bird of prey flew off, only to return to a tree in our backyard! I am fairly sure this is a juvenile Collared Sparrowhawk, but if anyone thinks it definitely is a juvenile Brown Goshawk, I'm happy to change the title

Collared Sparrowhawk juvenile

and a few others from the backyard today

Little Crow

Magpie Lark

White-plumed Honeyeater


  1. I really like the white-plumed honeyeaters. I'm thinking with you that it was a sparrowhawk but I'm not a long-time birder with their expertise. I'm only going on the single one I saw here some years back. You picked up some great photos Richard and good that you have Moses to share your passion

  2. Great sparrowhawk poses and I'm really excited to see that black honeyeater. What a beauty.