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Friday, 14 June 2013

Black-breasted Buzzard photos

Returned to my new favourite birding spot on the way home today - the Frederick Blakeley Memorial. I had changed a few settings on the camera the night before and had pulled up at the memorial and was taking some shots just to see if the settings were right. As I pulled my face back from the camera view-finder, I noticed a very large, moving shadow on the ground next to the car. I looked up but whatever it was had gone over the car. I looked again and this time saw the Black-breasted Buzzard pictured below. I'm not sure how close it had come, but I laughed at myself - "great birder you are - taking some lovely photos of far-off almost unseeable small birds when a wonderful bird of prey just about sits on your head AND YOU MISSED IT!" I recovered in time to take a few decent shots, hope you enjoy.

Black-breasted Buzzard

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