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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Crested Bellbird photos - feeling the heat (along with the rest of us)

I have had a few close encounters with Crested Bellbirds, but many more encounters when I can hear them, but despite looking for a sustained period, can't spot them.

At the moment we are experiencing an extended hot and dry period in Central Australia, not uncommon, but everyone starts to feel the effects at some point.

The Crested Bellbird in the following photos was sitting under a branch, high enough off the ground to catch what little breeze was around, and far enough from the ground to escape a little of the radiating heat.

Crested Bellbird


  1. Fantastic sighting and photos! I haven't ever read much about these birds before or seen images of them. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wonderful photos. It looks almost nothing like the illustration in the Smithsonian guide to the Birds of Australia. I really enjoy reading your blog.

  3. Thanks for the comments. John, I often find bird books are wonderful resources but can be lacking for ID purposes mainly due to different light conditions. I use Morcombe's guide on both my phone and now on iPad so I can easily see the distribution and also the bird calls. I don't use the sound to call the birds, only check if what I heard was the same as the recording on Morcombe's, not sure why except I have read so many disdainful birding reports about bird watchers using recordings to call a shy bird out into the open that I feel as though this behaviour is looked down upon by the purists or something like that. I'm no purist, just someone who enjoys the outdoors and who delights in getting decent, close-up photos of birds I see. Thanks for looking at the blog as that is why I keep it. Once people stop looking, I'll stop posting. Have a great day. Cheers. Richard