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Thursday, 1 November 2012

1000s & 1000s of Budgies - photos and videos

I had a truly amazing experience recently where I saw Budgies darken the sky with numbers, then come down to drink, get chased by Birds of Prey, and fill the area with a cacophony of noise. I don't know how many there were in total, but many many thousands, and the groups were in hundreds and thousands. They started arriving about 30 minutes after the sun rose, and continually arrived, in small and large flocks for the next couple of hours. Before they had finished arriving, some were way too thirsty and started.
It was interesting to watch their behaviour. They would circle above the water, and then fly off into the surrounding trees. At one point I wondered if I had the right spot as they seemed to be flocking in trees beyond my reach, but eventually they came and put on a display I will always remember. Unfortunately the photos and videos can't relay the enormity of the event, but you can get a fair idea. I hope you enjoy.

Photos of Budgerigars in flight and drinking:

Videos of Budgies in Flight and Drinking

Enjoy your Bird-watching!


  1. This is phenomenal! I have seen budgies in their hundreds at Bowra Sanctuary in western Qld, but this is something else. Isn't nature just incredible?

  2. Brilliant!! I reckon those photographs would make good jigsaw puzzles!

  3. Wow! these photos are magnificent! I can't believe how many there were.. you wern't kidding at all !

  4. Just love your work Richard... it is an awe inspiring example of how this country is so awesome and diverse.