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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Finke Stories - the Little Eagle who Walked

I was at the Finke Poo Ponds. (see the other posts of Finke Stories from the following links Finke Stories - Plethora of Birds and Finke Stories - Australian Hobby )

There were storm clouds on the horizon. The wind was blowing from the south and it was strong and hot. I had been entertained by the Major Mitchell Cockatoo, trying to fit in with the Corellas and Galahs.
I had seen the Little Eagle the day before, it had flown up from some reed beds near where I was watching, but had been too close and too quick for me to get any decent photos.
I had seen the Australian Hobby the previous day, and a part of me was hoping it would return for another enjoyable display. Instead, the Little Eagle was the one who made me pinch myself after it had left.
It flew down into the wind, gliding in a tucked formation, but without speed normally associated with this position. It landed on the muddy flats, about 30 metres from me. It stopped, propped, looked around, and then hopped. I hadn’t seen this behaviour before. It then walked and I could see its beautiful “trousers”. I kept taking photos and then a few short videos. And even though I am sure the bird knew of my presence due to its continual glances towards me, it certainly wasn’t prepared to fly off until it had had a decent drink.

Little Eagle

Enjoy your Bird-watching!


  1. what a wonderful experience Richard

  2. Great pictures Richard. Little Eagles are very handsome raptors and you had a wonderful encounter. Gee, I miss oz.