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Friday, 12 October 2012

Dragons and smaller birds around Alice

The wind has arrived from the antarctic in the centre of Australia recently, but before this a nice warm spell brought out this beautiful bearded dragon on a friend's fence:

Bearded Dragon

The little birds were also out and about, mainly in large clumps of shrubs and trees sheltering from the wind, as well as hunting the insects blown out of the trees:

Grey Shrike-thrush

Red-capped Robin

Rufous Whistler

Hooded Robin

Aside from the above were Mistletoebirds, Brown Honeyeaters, Willie Wagtails, Magpie Larks and Pied Butcherbirds, but generally the wind was too strong and they were quite flighty, tending to head off to more sheltered areas from where I was.

Enjoy your Bird-watching!


  1. Buenas capturas Richard,el Red-capped Robin cada vez me gusta mas,es una especie preciosa.Saludos

  2. Hi!
    Stunning serie, Red capped Robin are so lovely.
    Have a nice day!

  3. I just got a guide book fo the birds in Austalia and am awed by all the Robins. The Red-capped and Hooded robins are fun to see up close and personal. Thanks for Sharing. Of course - I love ALL birds!