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Friday, 31 August 2012

Australian Hobby close-up, Brown Falcon and others

After my last post on an Australian Hobby experience (see that post here ), the last thing I was expecting any time soon was another close-up experience. But, if you keep looking, you never know what is going to appear. I was driving along the road from Laramba to Aileron, and could see a largish bird on one of the roadside trees. As it is a dirt road, the birds normally fly off well before the approaching car covers them with dust. I noticed this bird wasn't moving, so slowed down, probably just another of the many brown falcons along the road. As I drew nearer however, I could see it was an Australian Hobby and it seemed to be cleaning its beak on the large branch it was sitting on. Still believing it would fly off when I stopped, I hadn't even wound the window down. I pulled up across the road from the tree (a bit laughable as there is room for about 1 and a half cars on some spots on this road), the bird was still sitting there. I soon realised why. I stopped, wound down the window, turned off the engine and readied the camera. Here are the resulting photos:

Australian Hobby

I saw a few other birds in the late afternoon, here are the photos:

Brown Falcon:

Magpie Lark:

Crested Pigeon:

Enjoy your Bird-watching!


  1. Excelent Falcon pictures.. Congrat..

  2. Bonitas capturas de estas aves,me gustan especialmente las de las rapaces.Saludos

  3. Awesome pictures - I feel like I was there!

    Actually - in the not to far future - I hope to be there! Birding will be my primary focus! I would love to find volunteer work while I am there! Any suggestions on who to get in touch with.

    I am a wildlife biologist, a teacher. and wear many other hats as well!

    Keep getting those great pictures!

  4. And this one you caught eating a meal!
    How lucky can one get!