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Monday, 16 July 2012

Pheasant Coucal, Australasian Figbird, Yellow Oriole and Northern Fantail

I have seen Pheasant Coucals previous to our visit to Kakadu, but rarely have I seen them behaving like a bird of prey sitting on a "high point" on low grounds. The one in the photos below was perched firstly on a stump, then behaved a little more normal and flew off into the pandanas:

Pheasant Coucal

The Australasian Figbirds were seen at most places we visited in Darwin and Kakadu. These photos were taken at East Point in Darwin.

Australasian Figbird

and the immature Australasian Figbird

The Yellow Orioles were another bird we saw at most places, and its call was strangely familiar, like the call of the Orioles at Wee Jasper in NSW. These photos were taken at the Visitor Centre in Kakadu.

Yellow Oriole

It took a little while to get a decent photo of the Northern Fantail. Finally, I managed one at Fogg Dam on the walk to the Wetlands.

And finally, my son and I saw this amazing spider web on the wetlands walk. The span must have been over 3 metres, and it looked very thick. We could see other webs nearby that would have been impressive except for this one:

Happy Birding!

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